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About ME!!

Well waddauwannaknowaboutme??

okay first off, im not insane. im just mentally excited!

well okay maybe I am insane....

okay okay lets cut the crap.

(Pics are located in the Pics Section)

I was born in a hospital somewhere in dandenong. at 12:30pm on 12th June 1984! woohoo look what the world has given us!!!

I grew up in east oakleigh for 10 years and enjoyed my youth back then being a little Sh#$ as I was hyperactive. HOOGABOOGA!!

from then on, I moved to the Mornington Peninsula in a lil lovely place called Mt Martha in which I brought hell to!! (not really)

I went to Osborn Primary School which was an awesome school but apparently it's gone downhill since I left...(What did I do??) I got into alot of trouble with my mate Michael in which I not his friend no more since he got me into trouble alot!!

I then went to Mornington Secondary College for one whole year since I had a taste of my medicine, being picked on and all that...(what happened to me??)

After that year I went to Dromana Secondary College, where few of my mates were and I enjoyed that. I still got picked on, but I had mates. I still got into a bit of trouble then, but didn't we all.

And what happens next......Bwarp!!

To Be Continued.........