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My Stezza!!!

Well not much has changed about it, apart from the fact that i changed rooms with my baby bro, so i had to decorate my room somehow :P

Here are my pics of my stereo before and after pics

"My stereo so far consists of a Sansui DVD Player and a Sonytech (never heard of them) 5 channel amp, My speakers are Electro Voice Interface: 3 Series II as mains, NEC 4" speaker as centre and my Panasonic 3 ways for rears" (from outdated web)

Click on pics to enlarge


My stereo has the same DVD player and 5 Channel amp, but i now have different speakers and a Graphic EQ which i will go on about in my Technics Page.

My Speakers, i built are just cheapie Jaycar Electronics speakers until i work on getting my pro speakers later on... I hope!