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Well as you know, I am obsessed with speakers and audio and stuff! I have been since I was about 3 years old!!

(I was about 5 or 6 there)

In my time of 20 years I have owned numerous amount of speakers, good and crappy speakers. I wish I had photos of them all!!

but these are the ones that I have and had.

Click on to enlarge pic.

from left to right starting at top: Panasonic 3 way speakers, Technics 8" speaker I found on road, My Linear Design sub I used to have (Front and back pics), My stereo setup I used to have with my Ev's (big speakers at bottom of that pic), My t-line speakers where my bed and drawers are as surrounds and my latest speaker at the bottom in which I have to as my recent ones until I get better speakers again!!