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We are now continuing on...

As I didn't do too well in year 10, and they didn't have the subjects I wanted, I moved on to Geelong on the surfcoast and did school over there at James Harrison College (yes they named the school after a dude who invented a fridge) Now that was a cool school!!!

it was originally called East Geelong Tech.

man did I have a ball at that school!! everyone knew everyone due to a small school! I reckon I knew half of year 11 there!!

We had a canteen, which was indoor and you can sit down in it. me and a group of 15 friends always got together in a big circle and always did stuff, had play fights with the year 12's,  spray deodorant and big empty coke bottles and light the bottle causing mass flames. throwing things around the canteen and all that kinda stuff. we never got caught since we were in a big group! maybe cause the teachers were soft... who knows

we had teachers that hardly turn up to class, and I always started trouble! throwing empty bottles of coke into the fans, and what ever I can find aswell into the fans!! man I wish I had a video camera, but I do have audio of what I got up to!! I stole my aunties voice recorder thingy and taped what I got up to!!

that was probably the best year i had!!

well, pity that school closed down and moved to Newcomb secondary college....

thats when year 12 got serious, but not me!! still like I was and i had fun!!

well it was a bigger school and we had our year 12 common room which had a coke machine in it! i put in the amount for a bottle, and it didn't work, so i shook it, turned it off and on and instead of giving me coke, it gave me about 30 bottles of diet coke that i gave to everyone that was in the room and my friends!! man that was a good day!!! there are some stuff that i didn't enjoy, so i wont talk about that.

well i didn't pass year 12, but instead got a job at a place moulding caravan windows and stuff for big companies. i lasted 3 months there woohoo!!!

after that i moved on back to home with mum and dad!

i got another job working at another place where my dad had his second job to pay off his car. i had a few good work mates there that always backed me up and had a laugh with.

they got rid of me cause they didn't have enough work. bastards!!

I then got a job with my dads mate who was a spraypainter! remember, always wear a mask and have good ventilaton doing that job. well the factory was new, his boss got it from a dude that had a pie factory who hanged himself which was a bit weird and stuff. i worked their for under a year, also doing jobs around the place.

i had a bit of a fight with my dads mate, and left

and now, fm looking for another job after being a bricky's laborer, which that was the hardest job i have done!!

so yeah, i have talked long enough on this page, so ill pi$$ off!!